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Testimonial 1

"I battled shin splints for six months, trying everything I knew as an athletic trainer; ice, anti-inflammatory meds, stretching, strengthening, rest, orthotics, new shoes, and nothing was working. I suspected I had a muscle recruitment problem but didn't know where to begin to correct it. One of my athletes mentioned that David Jones helped her heal more quickly by "waking her muscles up." When I asked her how he did that, she said she didn't know but it worked wonders. After coming to the realization that I couldn't fix this on my own, I called David. He was very accommodating and came to my work to see me. Within 48 hours, I called him with my report. I used the words "happy disbelief" because I couldn't get over that I had self-treated my shin splints for 6 months, and he had me 90% better in 2 days.”

Head Athletic Trainer

Columbus School for Girls

614-252-0781 Ext. 420

Kathy Tenley

Testimonial 2

"The Muscle Activation sessions that Dave Jones has performed on my athletes have had a remarkable success rate. I am an assistant track coach, specializing in the throws; shot put, discus, javelin, and hammer. I have counted that, in 22 instances of working on my athletes, 21 times the athlete has thrown a new personal best within 10 days of the session... The increase was definitely significant. This has happened with both boys and girls. My athletes range from very experienced to moderate experience.

I believe in the system so much that I use it as a "rehab" on my own son, who plays football, runs track, and throws in all four throwing events. I have referred Dave to numerous people whose children were having muscle problems. ...I will continue to utilize Dave's services and will recommend him to anyone whim I believe his services would benefit. If you would like to discuss my experiences in greater detail, feel free to contact me at 740-924-0809.”

Assistant Track Coach


Jim Harris

Testimonial 3

"I have known David for over 15 years. As a professional athlete, it is important to stay strong and healthy. David possesses a wealth of knowledge about the human body and how muscles work. He has helped me stay competitive at 63 years of age. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking to perform at their best.”

PGA Champion Tour

Rod Spittle

Testimonial 4

"As a Massage Therapist since 1994, I have developed an understanding and fascination with muscle anatomy and physiology. Muscle Activation Technique is the first therapy I have experienced in a very long time that not only makes total sense from a physiology standpoint, but produces amazing results as well. I have experienced MAT firsthand with fabulous results and have referred several of my patients to David to relieve problems that massage therapy, alone, could not solve. I feel David's knowledge, professionalism, and personal training background round out a MAT session for the perfect compliment to massage therapy or chiropractic care.”


Lecia Anderson

Testimonial 5

"Midway through football season, my son was complaining of knee pain. He has flat feet, and had been fitted with insoles by his trainer, and given exercises by an Orthopedist. Unfortunately, those measures offered little relief. After one session with David Jones, his knee pain disappeared and he gained flexibility to boot! I was so pleased that I brought my daughter, Christine, to him. She's a cross-country runner, and had been diagnosed with Patella Tendonitis by an Orthopedist. Even with exercise, Ibuprofen, and sports rub, she was running her season through extreme pain. She, too, found complete relief after one session with David, and also gained flexibility. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

mother of former Newark Catholic High School athletes Nick Mazzone and Christine Mazzone

Lori Mazzone

Testimonial 6

In December 2019, I saw David Jones for treatment. I had been experiencing what I thought were neck, back and hip issues. The constant pain and diminished range of motion in my upper body and hip, greatly impacted every aspect of my life. For 2+ months, I tried other treatments including pinpointed exercise for neck and back, a back brace, heat , ice and lots of Advil! Nothing worked. In one session, David identified the core of my issues and reactivated the muscles that corrected ALL the issues I had been having. David then realigned my pelvis and the clicking sounds and pain were alleviated. I have been pain free since.

I highly recommend David Jones to anyone who may benefit from his expertise.

~Jaye Wilder

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